Electrical Installation

FMI has provided electrical installation capabilities for HV cables and terminations for equipment’s that range from 4 kV to 500 kV incorporating  such devices as series capacitors, line reactors, circuit breakers, current transformers, neutral reactors, wave traps, filters, insulators and many more devices required in substation and distribution work.  FMI has also provided low voltage electrical installations such as diesel generators, lighting systems, grounding systems, raceway systems and the complete testing and commissioning capabilities are inclusive of FMI’s capabilities.

Our work includes:

  • High Voltage Equipment
  • Cabling
  • Transformer Dress Out
  • Generation Facilities
  • Control buildings
  • P&C Installation
  • SCADA Systems
  • LNG
  • Security Systems
  • Fire Protection

FMI has experience in the design and supply of Protection and Control panel installations and wiring including station service AC/DC systems, station service transfer switching, batteries and battery chargers as well as  systems for fire sprinkler and protection including instrumentation, utility plant and substation security and HVAC systems (Direct-To- Digital) control system.