Northern Civil Energy

NCE, known for its civil construction projects, is committed to achieving a product that delivers safety, quality and the best value to our clients. The combination of our EPC experience and the depth of civil construction and engineering knowledge create the best possible results for our clients and of which we take great pride in.

As a performance driven EPC Civil Company our people believe that all project objectives have a hierarchy of importance. The first three levels of this hierarchy are the inherent cultural acceptance of safety, being a good steward and protector of the environment and to provide the highest quality product achievable.

NCE is committed to providing the safest work sites achievable through training, implementation, adequate levels of supervision and support of all procedures in the NCE Occupational Health and Safety Program. Those same high levels exhibited for safety are achieved for quality by the performance of our trade’s craftsmen providing quality performance standards of workmanship for our clients.

NCE’s capabilities in Civil construction and specifically to substation civil works are time tested through our Quality Programs, Safety Programs and time tested operating procedures, enabling us to perform at the highest levels, delivering superior products and services on time and within budget.