Mission Statement and Core Values

FMI and its affiliates hope to be the number one contractor of choice in the utility sector throughout Western Canada. We feel this can be achieved by maintaining our integrity and providing platinum level service through unequaled performance, continuous innovation and the implementation of a company culture of the highest order.

FMI has built a culture of employee engagement and participation in all business initiatives that affect worker health and safety.  Worker safety has become a core component of our company’s values and beliefs.  Consequently, we devote the resources and means necessary to ensure the health and welfare of our workers, supervisors, managers, sub-contractors and visitors on all our project sites and office and shop facilities.

FMI approaches worker health and safety as a team oriented responsibility.  It is acknowledged that senior managers are ultimately responsible for creating safe work sites.  But management also realizes that the goal of ensuring workers leave the work site injury-free, healthy and in a positive state of mind at the end of each shift requires a team effort.  This team approach enhances worker safety, project efficiency and generates a healthy work place.  The end result is a successful project completed on time and within budget.

Among the primary elements incorporated in FMI’s safety management system are the following:

  • High level and on-the-ground risk assessment and control processes
  • Certificate of Recognition (COR) status in four western provinces
  • A progressive ‘recovery at work’ system that incorporates advanced physiotherapy diagnosis and treatment for injured workers
  • Leadership competency assessment and training
  • Ergonomic risk assessment and controls
  • OHS monthly scorecard which tracks and reports on leading and lagging performance indicators
  • Training needs analysis and delivery system for employees at all levels.

At FMI, Quality Control is a top priority and our goal (To Perform to the Highest Level When No One is looking) is the objective for every project. Understanding that Quality is the fundamental factor in successful project completions where fabrication and installation requirements have achieved high client expectations and reviews with cost effective results.

The FMI Corporate Quality Control Manager executes the overall FMI Company Quality Plan. On the job project Quality Control is executed in concert with the site manager establishing the site specific Quality Control Plan and team participation. The FMI Standard Quality Control Plan ensures;

High Performance – Experienced craftsmen ensure that their work is complete and accurate according to plans, drawings and specifications.

Inspection Process – Inspection begins with the craftsmen who perform the installation. FMI foremen inspect the installation assuring the quality of workmanship and that all expectations have been met. The superintendent reviews the quality of the installation, verifies completion and satisfies that the installation is acceptable for test or mechanical completion.

Examination – Test are performed to provide objective evidence that the equipment and systems installed comply with the quality standards for workmanship and satisfy the requirements of the contract.

Documentation – The conclusion of project contract documentation includes: reports, as-built drawings, test records, manuals and other documents required by contract are assembled and provided to the client.

FMI’s Quality Control Program assures that our clients projects are done correctly and meet the owner’s expectations and approval. The FMI Quality Control Program includes;

  •                 FMI Standard Quality Control Manual
  •                 CWB Certified
  •                 “A” pressure Licence #A-1009 Boiler Vessel Branch