Bridge River II Units 5 - 8

Lillooet, BC
Bridge River II Units 5-8 2,400,000

Project Overview

The Bridge River 2 generating station is one of three 3 generating stations that uses the Bridge river and the Seton Lake Reservoir to together generate nearly 500 megawatts of power. Upgrades to the aging facilities began with Units 5 & 6 and continued with Units 7 & 8. Each unit will be upgraded one at a time, with the old equipment being removed and new mechanical and electrical equipment added. Electrical equipment upgraded includes the Generator conduits and cables, new tray and Bus Duct along with instrument and control panel installation.

Work for the project consists of the installation of:

  • Generator instrumentation equipment and cables
  • 13.8 kV segregated bus duct
  • 13.8 kV feeder cables
  • Neutral grounding cubicle
  • Neutral grounding cable & tray
  • Exciter cable and tray
  • Lighting, switches, outlets
  • Space heating system & control
  • Braking System and Brake wear indicators
  • High Pressure Oil Injection System
  • Bearing Temperature Detection System
  • Shaft Vibration System
  • Partial Discharge Monitoring System

FMI will also modify and supply breakers for 480 Volt MCC as well as supply and install cable for 480V loads. New MV switchgear is being installed along with new MV cables and Neutral grounding system. There will also be grounding and lighting additions as well.