Clowhom Hoist Replacement

Sechelt, BC
Clowhom Hoist Replacment 1,300,000

Project Overview

The Clowhom Generating Station (COM) is located on the Sunshine Coast north east of Sechelt BC. COM uses a 5-tonne monorail hoist to install and remove the draft tube gates that are installed to perform inspection and maintenance on the units. The current monorail load capacity, location and gate installation/removal process safety issues will be addressed by this work. The objective is to replace the existing hoist system with a single-hoist-per-gate system that removes hazards with dogging the gates, working over water and working at heights. The Clowhom Generating Station is a remote site with no road access. Materials & equipment are shipped in via barge from Sechelt.

Work for the project consists of:

  • Design, supply, install, test & commission of new draft tube gate hoist system
  • Removal and disposal of existing hoist, monorail and columns
  • 3 hoists mounted on work platform for access
  • Supply & install gate lifting bridles and gate dogging & support