Mica Unit 5 & 6

Mica Creek, BC
Mica Unit 5 & 6 $23 Million

Project Overview


The Mica Unit 5 & 6 Project is located at BC Hydro’s Mica Generating Station in southeastern BC. Mica was originally designed as a six-unit facility and only four were installed at the time of construction in 1977. With additional capacity required, BC Hydro commissioned installation of two additional 500 MW generating unit into the existing turbine bays.

Work for the  project consists of the supply and installation of equipment to achieve completion of Mica Unit 5 and 6. Mechanical equipment includes governors, piping, piping items, instrumentation, insulation, HVAC and HVAC controls. Electrical equipment includes excitation system, transformers, generator terminal equipment, station service switchboards, protection & control equipment and panels.

The turbines for Unit 5 and Unit 6 are a single vertical shaft type designed to have a rated output of 520 MW at rated condition. Each turbine will be directly coupled to an umbrella type synchronous speed generator. The combined 1000 MW of generation capacity is enough to power 80,000 homes.

Work started in September 2012 and is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2015