Puntledge Demolition and Removal

Courtenay, BC
Puntlege 25-Cycle Building and Pentstock Demolition $4,700,000

Project Overview

The Puntledge system, located west of Courtenay in the Comox Valley, consists of the Comox Lake Storage Dam, which releases water into the Puntledge River, an intake dam, and an Existing Penstock joining the intake dam to the powerhouse. The original powerhouse and Old Penstock were constructed in 1912 and replaced in 1954, at which time the 1912 powerhouse was converted to run 25-cycle generators and a new Existing Penstock was installed paralleling the former. Some sections of the 1912 Old Penstock were removed while others were abandoned in place. The 25-Cycle Building had been decommissioned and is currently considered a safety hazard. 

Pumphouse facilities are maintained adjacent to the 25-Cycle Building with services running through the substructure of it. Work included the deconstruction and removal of the 25-Cycle Building and Old Penstock while retaining and protecting existing facilities with and adjacent to the substructure, which will remain in operation.