Nicola Breaker Replacement

Merritt, BC
Nicola Substation $690,000

Project Overview

The Nicola Substation is located northeast of the town of Merritt, BC. As part of the Circuit Breaker Replacement Program, work involved replacement of five existing aging 138 kV oil circuit breakers with SF6 units. Civil work included the modification of five existing concrete foundations, fabricatation of four new steel pedestals and building three new concrete foundations for surge arrestors.

Work for the project consisted of: 

  • Disconnect & remove existing oil CBs, flexible bus and connectors
  • Install & connect new SF6 CBs
  • Install 3 new sets of 144kV surge arrestors
  • Install & connect new grounding risers
  • Protection & Control
  • Test & Commission

All or part of the Work was carried out in or adjacent to the energized 138 kV switchyard and 138 kV transmission lines.