Taylor Breaker Replacement

Taylor, BC
Taylor Substation $733,000.00

Project Overview

The Taylor Substation is located north of the town of Taylor, BC. As part of the Circuit Breaker Replacement Program, work involved the replacement of four existing aging 138 kV oil circuit breakers with new SF6/CH4 circuit breakers, and the installation of three new sets of 138 kV surge arresters. The circuit breakers are suitable for operating in -50°C to +40°C temperature range.

Work for the project consisted of:

  • CB removal and disposal of oil.
  • Modify foundations
  • Install new equipment
  • Assist with testing and commissioning of equipment
  • Install, replace, and remove AC and DC cables
  • Modify existing panels
  • Coordinate outages

All or part of the Work was carried out in or adjacent to the energized 138 kV switchyard and 138 kV transmission lines.