Williston Breaker Replacement

Prince George, BC
Williston Substation $805,000

Project Overview

This projects at the Williston Substation was part of the Circuit Breaker Replacement Program.  Multiple 60kV circuit breakers at Williston reached their end of life and needed to be replaced. Located near Prince George, BC, work for the 60 kV Circuit Breakers and Surge Arrestors at Williston Substation included all civil, structural, electrical and protection & control.

Work for the project consists of the installation of four circuit breakers and surge arrestors including:

  • Grounding
  • Insulator, buswork, disconnect switches
  • Station service, power, control and communications cable systems
  • Protection & Control

All or part of the Work will be carried out in or adjacent to energized 69 to 500 kV substation and 69 to 500 kV transmission lines.