Kelly Lake Breaker Replacement

Clinton, BC
Kelly Lake Substation $830,000

Project Overview

The 500/230 kV Kelly Lake Substation is located 10 km east of Clinton, BC on the Kelly Lake Road. As part of the Circuit Breaker Replacement Program, work included the civil, electrical and P&C required for the replacement of 500 kV current transformers at Kelly Lake Substation.

Work for the project consisted of the removal of the existing oil current transformers and their associated buswork and cables, installation of 19 new 500 kV SF6 current transformers, of  24 structural steel columns and modification of 24 existing concrete foundations. FMI modified the existing bus work to accommodate the new installed CTs and the re-oriented CTs.

All or part of the Work was carried out in or adjacent to energized 500 kV major equipment and 500 kV transmission lines.