GMS Breaker Replacement

Hudson's Hope, BC
GMS Generating Station $690,000

Project Overview

GMS is located in about 20 km west of Hudson’s Hope by travelling on Canyon Drive from Hudson’s Hope. As part of the Circuit Breaker Replacment Program, all of the existing oil-filled current transformers were replaced with 550 kV SF6 current transformers suitable for operating in -50 to +40°C temperature range. 

Work for the project consisted of the installation of twenty one (21) new 500 kV SF6 current transformers on their associated structural steel supports, grounding conductors, and connections to equipment and the below grade ground system. Installation of above and below grade conduit system. All existing 500 kV CT foundations reused.

All or a part of the Work was carried out in an energized 500 kV substation or adjacent to 500 kV transmission lines.