Selkirk Breaker Replacement

Trail, BC
Selkirk Substation $1,800,000

Project Overview

The Selkirk Substation is located in the West Kootenay area, 30km drive from Trail BC. As part of the Cirucuit Breaker Replacement Program, the project involved the replacement of seven aging 230 kV minimal-oil circuit breakers and six 500 kV Current Transformers. Existing breakers were replaced with new 253 kV SF6 units that have independent Pole Operation (IPO) capability.

All the old 230 kV Oil CBs had associated free-standing current transformers for each phase immediately adjacent to the breakers and these were removed as part of this project. In addition, five sets of 228 kV surge arrestors were added. All of the Work was carried out in or adjacent to energized 230 to 500 kV substation equipment and buswork.