Site C Southbank Substation

Fort St. John, BC
Site C Southbank Substation $66,000,000

Project Overview

Located in the Fort St. John area, the Site C South Bank Substation project is a new 500 kV substation that will connect five new 500 kV transmission lines. These consist of two 75 km transmission lines to the Peace Canyon generating station and three 1 km transmission lines to the Site C powerhouse.  As part of BC Hydro’s Site C Clean Energy Project, the South Bank Substation is one of the largest substations to be constructed in BC. It is equivalent to 48 football fields in size and will take 36 months to complete with peak manpower of 110 workers.

Scopes include:

  • civil work
  • structural work
  • electrical work
  • HVAC
  • protection and control (P&C) work
  • SCADA and communications work
  • mechanical

The Site C 500kV yard contains a total of 32 Mindcore 500kV 3 phase  disconnects, 22 in Release 1, 4 in Release 2 and 6 in Release 3. Each 3 phase disconnect has independent poles with their own motor operator.

The 500kV termination towers are 33 meters tall by 25 meters wide lattice structures. The 230kV and 138kV termination structures are 18 meters tall and 12.4 meters wide.