Mica Crane Runway Upgrade

Revelstoke, BC
Mica Crane Runway Upgrade $4,900,000

Project Overview

The Mica Generating Station is located on the Columbia River, 152 km north of the town of Revelstoke, BC. It currently consists of an earth-filled dam and six active generating units located in an underground powerhouse. The powerhouse is currently serviced by two overhead travelling, double-girder bridge cranes. BC Hydro is in the process of installing two new powerhouse cranes. In preparation for the upcoming replacement of the powerhouse cranes, this project upgraded the powerhouse runway support structure.

Work for the project consisted of the installation of:  

  • new chevron bracing for powerhouse runway support structure
  • extension to the observation balcony
  • connecting braces to lateral rock anchors
  • modifications to the existing crane access platforms and ladders
  • alignment of the existing powerhouse runway crane rails