John Hart Decommissioning Project

Campbell River, BC
John Hart Decommissioning $27,000,000

Project Overview

BC Hydro entered into a Project Agreement with ln Power BC General Partnership for the design, construction, partial financing, maintenance and rehabilitation of the John Hart Generating Station (JHGS) Replacement Project located in Campbell River. A portion of this work includes the decommissioning and removal of the entire existing facility. SNC-Lavalin Inc. will look after the design and construction of the project and FMI will perform the decommissioning scope of work.

The existing facility was built in 1947 and due to electricity output dropping and seismic risks, SNC was awarded the contract to build a new facility in 2014. Work for this portion of the project consists of decommissioning, demolition and removal of the existing:

  • Device Isolation & Plugs
  • Powerhouse
  • Intake
  • Steel Penstocks
  • Woodstave Penstocks
  • Surge Towers #2 & #3

FMI is responsible for the removal and off-site disposal of recyclable and hazardous materials and soil decontamination.