Riel Converter Station

Winnipeg, MB
Riel Converter Station 3,500,000.00

Project Overview

The BiPole III Transmission Reliability Project involves Manitoba Hydro’s Riel & Keewatinohk Converter stations located near Winnipeg and Gillam, Manitoba. The scope includes design, supply, construction, installation and commissioning of HVDC Converter Equipment, at the Riel and Keewatinohk Stations.

The Riel Converter Station (RCS) includes the installation of five 299.5 MVA, three phase, two winding Wye Converter Transformers and five 299.5 MVA, three phase, two winding Delta Converter Transformers. FMI processed approximately 1,400,000 litres of oil at RCS.

Scope included:

  • Converter Transformer Dress-out
  • Converter Transformer Vacuum Oil Fill
  • Converter Transformer Move Into Final Position