Horne Payne Substation Upgrade

Burnaby, BC
Horne Payne Substation Upgrade 18,000,000

Project Overview

The Horne Payne substation is located in Burnaby, BC. The project is to upgrade Horne Payne Substation (HPN) to increase its firm capacity from the current 190 MVA (at 12 kV) to 340 MVA (190 MVA at 12 kV plus 150 MVA at 25 kV)and includes construction of two buildings, electrical mechanical, HVAC, P&C, SCADA and telecommunications installation work.
Upgrades to HPN include the installation of: two 230/25 kV 150 MVA transformers, three 25 kV 50 MVA GIS feeder sections and a new control building. Civil work includes site prep, excavation, trenching, foundations for construction of the control building, GIS building and reactor bays. Electrical work includes the installation of major electrical equipment, station service system and cable systems. 
All or part of the Work was carried out in, or adjacent to, an energized 230/25/12 kV substation with 230 kV transmission lines connecting to station equipment.