Site C Temporary Substation

Fort St. John, BC
Site C Temporary Substation $1,900,000

Project Overview

The installation of a new 138/25 kV temporary substation located in the Septimus Siding area of the Site C Dam Site Area near Fort St. John, B.C., including all civil, electrical, P&C and telecom works. All Work was carried out adjacent to energized 138 kV transmission lines. 

Work for the project consists of the installation of 138 kV and 25 kV equipment and assemblies; above and below grade grounding conductors and connections to equipment, structures and 138 kV and 25 kV insulators, conductors and associated hardware.

Other electrical work includes the installation of station service system including fused disconnect switch, 25 kVA transformer and AC panel and installation of two 138 kV transmission line tap terminations on 138 kV switchyard structure.