Madison Substation

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Project Overview

Construction of the new Manitoba Hydro 115‐24 kilovolt (kV) Madison Station began in 2014. The new Station, located in the City of Winnipeg, is required to address load growth in the area, as well as safety and reliability issues associated with the existing St. James Station, which is aging.

The project includes the termination of three (3) existing 115 kV transmission lines into the new Station, these currently terminate at St. James Station. This will require approximately 2.0 km of new 115 kV underground transmission line to be installed in the existing Manitoba Hydro right of way, from a point south of St. James Station to the new Station.
In addition, 115 kV cable splicing and re‐termination at St. James Station is required on YX48 and SB14 circuits. The communication ducts and 24 kV feeder ducts will be constructed to Madison Street and to the transmission right of way, Manitoba Hydro will construct the 24 kV feeder ducts from the new Station to tie into existing feeder lines that provide electricity to local residences and businesses.

The feeder lines will be routed underground from Madison Station and, once outside of the Station, most will be routed towards the existing St. James Station to tie into existing feeders. Other feeder lines will tie into existing feeders around the new Station. In order to connect the new Station feeders to the existing feeders, a new duct line will need to be constructed along Madison Street to Ness Avenue. The existing building at 555 Madison Street will be demolished.