Skeena Substation

Terrace BC
Skeena Substation $8 Million

Project Overview

Skeen Substation (SKA)

Located 8 km from Terrace BC, the existing 500/287 kV Skeena Substation was upgraded to accommodate the expansion of the grid in northwest BC. The substation is the western terminus of the 500-kV transmission grid, which is then stepped down to regional 287-kV transmission line to Kitimat and Prince Rupert and 138-kV transmission line to Stewart. The work to upgrade this facility consists of adding fixed line switching reactors, neutral reactors, line reactors, disconnect switches, circuit breakers, fault locators,  surge arresters, current transformers, additional bus work and one 287 kV line position.

Work started in June 2012 and completed in March 2014.