Bob Quinn Substation

Bob Quinn Lake, BC
Bob Quinn $15 Million

Project Overview

Bob Quinn (BQN)

To extend transmission service north, a new substation was constructed near Bob Quinn Lake. Located approximately 390 km north of Terrace, BC, the Bob Quinn Substation will be connected to the existing Skeena Substation by the Northwest Transmission Line project. Work at Bob Quinn Substation includes the installation of associated equipment to support this connection. The new 287 kV substation consists of a series capacitor, switched line reactors, 287 kV line positions and a 10 MVA 287/25 kV distribution transformer. Also included is the required bus work, circuit breakers, switches, surge arrestors, fault locators, current transformers, capacitor voltage transformers, neutral reactors, filters, wave traps, metering, ground grid, control building and associated equipment.

Work started in June 2012 and completed in March 2014