GM Shrum Isophase Bus

Hudson Hope, BC
GMS ISO-Phase Bus $19 Million

Project Overview

GMS Isophase bus (VRCA Gold Winner)

Replacement ISO-phas bus system and Generator Circuit breakers. This work included the removal of existing, and then replacement of 350 vertical feet and a total of over 600 feet of ISO-Phase BusĀ feeding a 273 megawatt generator.

The replacement of the ISO-Bus in the 152m lead shaft was a challenge because of the extreme working hight.

FMI was able to over come these challenges and complete the project ahead of schedule and without incident. For our efforts in safety, quallity and production, FMI earned the 2012 VRCA Gold Award of Excellence for this project.

Also included is the replacment of the existing Generator Circuit Breaker.

Project was complete in 2012