Long Lake

Stewart, BC
Long Lake Subsation $5.8 Million

Project Overview

Long Lake Terminal substation (LNT), approximately 7.5 km SW of Stewart BC, was constructed to interconnect transmission lines from the IPP, Regional Power’s new Long Lake Terminal substation, to BC Hydro’s power grid via existing transmission line 1L381. The new substation, LNT was created with provision for a four circuit breaker ring with three circuit breakers initially installed, along with associated disconnect switches, surge arresters, capacitive voltage transformers, power voltage transformers, a wave trap, grounding grid and buswork. A new control room was built and outfitted with appropriate Protection and Control (P&C), Communications and Station Services equipment as needed.
At Stewart (STW) substation a site enlargement, ground grid extension, circuit breaker, disconnect switch and shunt capacitor installation, communications and P&C works was completed. At Skeena (SKA) substation P&C work was completed. Power Line Carrier (PLC) communications equipment was installed at LNT and SKA, a direct fibre connection was installed between LNT and STW. Satellite communications was implemented at STW. At Elsworth Logging station (ELW) modification of a transmission line pole to install a suspended wave trap was performed. At Meziadin Junction (MEZ), a Transmission pole was replaced and a wavetrap added to the new structure.

Project started in April 2012 and was completed in January 2013